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perfect fit

About Perfect-Fit

Perfect Fit Elite Lifestyle & Introduction Firm was founded to help extraordinary, dynamic individuals like yourself find loving, long-lasting relationships and complete their life picture.


Our clients are a very particular breed of successful, worldly people who choose to be efficient in their love life; due to their limited time to devote to the search for a meaningful connection.

Our job is to bring focus and direction to their search and provide them with the means to make that connection.

But Perfect Fit is more than just another in a long line of North American agencies; we’re a full service lifestyle concierge and matchmaking organization that emphasizes the intangibles over the obvious.

We provide luxury lifestyle services to those who choose to improve areas of personal health and image before meeting the right partner.

We build close relationships with all our clients and get acquainted with them as individuals because we know that it’s the personal touch – not just the data – that make a successful relationship.


Our Lifestyle Concierge Program

Perfect-Fit Lifestyle Concierge was created to provide you with a reputable and reliable network of elite lifestyle professionals – who are passionate and committed to helping you find balance in your life – so you can work smarter and not harder at becoming the best version of yourself.
We strive to inspire our clients to improve quality in all aspects of their life; and provide the tools to build a better, happier, more confident self-image in order to increase their chance of success in meeting their life partner.


Perfect-Fit Lifestyle Concierge provides Luxury Services and Lifestyle Packages which are coordinated specifically to your needs with credible referrals.
We exclusively offer: In-Home Personal Training, Nutrition, Meal Plans and Delivery, Image Consulting, Personal Shopping, Mobile Hair Stylist & Make-Up Artist, Massage Therapists, Estheticians, Chiropractors, Chauffer Services, Mobile Car Detailing and so much more!


The Gold Standard In Our Process

Unlike most other North American matchmaking firms, not everyone who applies will become a client of Perfect Fit.


We have exacting standards and we enforce them.

Our application process ensures that anyone you meet through our service is a person of integrity, intelligence and character. The ladies are among the most beautiful, sophisticated and successful you will find anywhere and the men are people of distinction who have earned their place in the social order.

We understand that in today’s frantic world successful people often find themselves with precious little time to find the right person to share their life with. Traveling the road alone is an empty experience yet relying on run of the mill Canadian dating sites to find an appropriate companion is more often than not the road to nowhere.

“Quick Fix” is not in our vocabulary as we focus our efforts exclusively on those who are committed to entering a long term relationship with that special someone.

The approach pioneered by our founder Aviva Reimer is designed with one goal in mind: your long term happiness. Our staff takes this goal to heart and it’s their commitment that raises Perfect-Fit above the mass of other leading competitors.

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