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Our Process

We are committed to making your love life a priority. Perfect Fit is a sophisticated firm with a long standing success rate. Our business is built on integrity and the honesty we share with our clients. We have an extensive database reaching many North American and International partners. We exclusively work with a discerning successful clientele who choose to be efficient in meeting only prequalified compatible matches.

The Consultation

In the initial consultation a potential client and matchmaker sit down for a very personal conversation to insure that there is mutual interest, chemistry, and understanding of all expectations within our working relationship. It is essential that our client is 100 % ready, comfortable, and excited to take this journey. As a company it is of great importance that we feel confident in our ability to represent the client before inviting the client to join our firm. It is our expectation to have a clear understanding of our clients mindset, lifestyle and relationship goal's before moving forward.  

Becoming A Client

Our intake process begins with the ultimate experience in the creation of your own personalized “Wish List” implemented by the Perfect Fit lifestyle team. Once your wish list is created, Perfect Fit will book your photo shoot for best representation. Our goal is to establish optimal opportunity for success for all client's and candidates. The “Wish List" protocol is detailed and specific to each client's needs and criteria which can include several areas of improvement such as weight loss, wardrobe selection and styling, make-over's, life coaching, and dating advice. Confidence and self image are key player's when establishing a broader selection in potential introductions. Our team of matchmaking expert's will conduct an in person client strategy to ascertain what type of look, character, personality, and lifestyle in a potential partner is of priority for our client. We study your personal history, background, experiences, and deal breakers. We build close relationships with our clients.  


We develop client-approved benchmarks for success, outlining the client's specific search criteria.The foundation of our search criteria is based on four key components which are the fundamentals of Perfect Fit qualification process.

Screening And Qualification

Founder and Life Coach Aviva Reimer personally conducts all screening interviews in person with all potential candidates. Our qualification process is based solely on client's criteria with a strong focus and evaluation of character and character flaw’s, red flags, personality, emotional availability, values, body language, physical appearance, timing and relationship expectations.  


This is probably the most exciting time for our clients. During this process, our client's make all the final decisions when presented with potential matches. Being the expert in the field Aviva Reimer provides recommendations and guidance if needed when presenting each introduction. The protocol begins with the presentation of a confidential off line profile of the potential match for both client and candidate. Once Interest is established and approved by both parties, Aviva Reimer secures a phone call to ensure that a positive energy flow and comfort is established in their communication. During the phone call the potential couple plans their date. Aviva Reimer is a very hands-on matchmaker and life coach, therefore, feedback is always requested and evaluated in confidence, as an objective third party. At this time the couple shares their first date experience and advises on how they would like to proceed. Both parties have a clear understanding of all expectations and are cared for in a very special way. This process is about being efficient in your love life, having a lot of fun along the way, making new friends who are like minded, and qualified to be your potential mates.  

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