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LIV Life In Love
                Dinner Series

Embark on a journey of refined connections with Perfect Fit Elite Lifestyle & Introduction Firm as we proudly unveil the
"LIV Life In Love" Dinner Series in the heart of Toro

Escape the confines of conventional dating and immerse yourself in the opportunity to discover your ideal life partner through a carefully vetted process, all within the ambiance of a sophisticated social setting.



In this exclusive soirée, Relationship Coach and Matchmaker Aviva Reimer orchestrates a harmonious gathering of prequalified successful bachelors & bachelorettes, thoughtfully selected  based on age preference, shared values, backgrounds, personality traits, and lifestyles. Envision yourself with exciting anticipation, seated at a private table, surrounded by an equal selection of accomplished guests, savouring a culinary masterpiece at one of Toronto's most prestigious restaurants.

Forge new connections, expand your network, and relish in the joy of meeting like-minded friends who share your values and aspirations. This revolutionary concept, masterfully curated by Aviva Reimer, is not only unique but undeniably effective.


The result is an evening filled with laughter, genuine chemistry, new friendships, and the potential of successful long term relationships. 

Join us in this extraordinary experience, where every detail is crafted to ensure a memorable and fruitful journey towards love.


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